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How to find the loosest slot machines » Albuquerque… First, the loosest slots really blanket the casino floor.Those climbing jackpot numbers come from the coins the machine is digesting. A small percentage of each penny or dollar played goes into the jackpot, the rest falling into the payback pool.

Loose Slots in Hot Spots: Casino Slot Machine Placement However, he recounts an instance where a casino purchased used machines with a lower payback ratio than others in his company. “He said that he had read all the theories about slot placement in the books and put the machines in the places where the books said the loose machines would be. Loose slot machines - HomePokerGames.com If you understand what strategies they use, you can use them to your advantage. But keep in mind that slot machine placement is somewhat like a poker game - if slot players learn where the loose slots are located and take advantage of that knowledge, then casino executives will then mix up their strategy and move the machines around. Looking for Slots with the Best Odds in Vegas? - RMS All slot machines work on a payback percentage that the casinos can set. They can make a slot machine tight or loose. Loose slot machines increase the chances of a player hitting a payout. This creates excitement and helps keep players in their seats on the gambling floor. For slots aficionados, it’s all about finding the loose machines. Not ...

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Where to Find Loose Slot Machines. Loose slots are largely a thing of the past in casinos. Slot machines work on different principles than they did in the early days of casino gambling. Random number generator or RNG technology revolutionized slots gambling and jackpots, making it possible for exponentially larger progressive jackpots. How to Find the Loosest Slots in a Las Vegas Casino Jul 19, 2016 · The lower the hold percentage, the more a slot machine pays back to guests. The secret to finding the loosest slots in a casino, then, is knowing which machines have the lowest hold percentage. Many believe this information is a closely-held secret, but here’s an easy way to find out which slots are the loosest: Ask someone who knows. Where are the best slots in Reno? - Slots - Gambling Aug 03, 2017 · Where are the best slots for $.05 plus in Reno? TIA. Nevada does not split slot returns by casino. Any answer you would get is an opinionated guess. Your friend should be thankful for being in a very loose slot area in Reno. Penny slots/video poker return 92%+, nickel slots/video poker return 95%, that's loose to me!

New to the online casino would? There's a lot of things to learn and we've got you covered. Read our article on LOOSE Slot Machines.

Tips on How to Find Loose Slot Machines at Online Casino | Top 10 ... Aug 20, 2018 ... If you are someone who likes playing online slot games, there is the possibility you must have heard about loose slot machines. Many people ...

Example: You put $100 in a slot machine and stretch your cash out for an hour. Eventually, you lose the entire $100 but you played $1,800 in spins in the process of doing so. In this case $100 (your loss) / $1,800 (total played) would equal a 5.55% casino win rate.

The state of slot play today has eliminated the need for loose slots. Casinos have thousands of machines and the slot team can't micromanage the placement of a few special machines. Slot floors are designed to have multiple clusters of machines. Slot directors want the flexibility to put a machine anywhere it is physically able to be placed. How to Find the Best Slot Machine - Gamblers' Bookcase Everyone who has ever played slots for at least five minutes seems to feel that they are qualified to find the best slot machine. "Best" usually means the "loosest" slot, meaning that the machine seems to pay out more coins than have been played, at least for a time period. Slot Machines San Diego | Loosest Slots in San Diego loosest slot machines in san diego Step onto Southern California's most innovative slot floor to take a spin on our 2,000 slot machines! You can hit the jackpot on slot machines in every denomination plus video poker, keno and more at San Diego's Favorite® casino. Loosest Slots in Vegas - 2018 Midyear Update | Las Vegas Then ... Looking at the chart below, you can see that the loosest slots in and around Vegas are not found on the Strip itself. In fact, the more “touristy” the location it seems the tighter slots get. Slot machines on the Las Vegas Strip had a win percentage of 8.04%, Downtown Las Vegas wasn’t much better at 7.33%.

But keep in mind that slot machine placement is somewhat like a poker game - if slot players learn where the loose slots are located and take advantage of that ...

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Loose slots Casinos that offer huge jackpots usually make up for it by giving fewer small rewards on those machines QuestionOn a recent visit to the Bay Area I visited a casino in the North Bay ... What Vegas Slots are the Loosest? | Las Vegas Then and Now First, we wanted to look at how loose the slots were in and around Las Vegas to identify where players had the best chances statistically. As it turns out, the Vegas Strip had the tightest slots at a 8.04% casino win rate. On the flip side, casinos in the Boulder Strip Area featured the loosest slot machines at a mere 5.66% house win rate.