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Cisco Nexus 7010 Series Switch Chassis. The Cisco Nexus 7010 switch chassis shown in Figure 1-21 has two supervisor engine slots and eight I/O modules slots; the complete specification is shown in Table 1-5. There are multiple fans on the 7010 system fan trays.

Nexus 7000 FAQ | Jason Edelman's Blog Nov 18, 2011 ... The Nexus 7000 is constantly evolving and there seems to be more and more design ... Supervisor 1; Fabric Modules (FAB1, FAB2); M1 Linecards (48 Port ... Fabric Extenders (2148, 2224, 2248, 2232); Chassis (7009, 7010, 7018) ... of 46Gbps/slot meaning the total per slot bandwidth available when there ... Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Hardware Installation and ... Cisco Nexus 7010 System. The Cisco Nexus 7010 chassis has 10 slots that allow for two supervisor modules and up to eight I/O modules. Additionally, the chassis holds up to five fabric modules, two system fan trays, two fabric fan trays, up to three power supplies, and cable management frames.

Cisco Nexus 7010 switch has 5 fabric module slots and 3 power supply slots. While Cisco Nexus 7710 switch has 6 fabric module slots and 8 power supply slots. Cisco Nexus 7010 switch supports Fabric—1 and Fabric—2 modules while Cisco Nexus 7710 switch supports only Fabric—2 modules. Cisco Nexus 7010 switch is designed with 21RU height ...

Cisco Nexus 7010 Fabric-2 Module - switch - The combination of the Cisco Nexus 7000 series fabric module and the supervisor and I/O modules supports virtual output queuing (VOQ) and credit-based arbitration to the crossbar switch to increase performance of the distributed forwarding system. Cisco Nexus 7010 Redundant Bundle Switch - The Cisco Nexus 7010 Redundant Bundle Switch includes Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches, Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Supervisor Module and Cisco Nexus 7000 Fabric Module. The switch delivers continuous system operation and virtualized, pervasive services in order to meet the requirements of the most mission critical data centers. Nexus 7010 - New Line Card Placement - Cisco Community As long as the line cards are compatible with the Nexus 7010, you should be fine. So, placing of line cards in slots is not needed in sequence. The compatibility means line card with Nexus and Line card combination with Nexus. I am saying because we had an issue wherein the line cards could not co-exist due to compatibility. Regards, AJ

Apart from the previous Cisco 7010 Chassis, now we are talking about the another Cisco 7000 Nexus chassis with more slots than the earlier one, The chassis is Cisco Nexus 7018 Chassis with 18 Slots. Cisco Nexus 7000 series is one of the biggest Cisco Nexus switch in the datacenter domain.

Cisco Nexus 7000 Hardware - • To provide a thorough understanding of the Cisco Nexus™ 7000 switching ... Nexus 7010 Nexus 7018 ... supervisor slots • No fabric modules – I/O modules ... N7K-C7010-BUN-RF - The supervisor incorporates an innovative dedicated connectivity management processor (CMP) to support remote management and troubleshooting of the complete system. The Cisco Nexus 7000 Fabric Modules for the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Chassis are separate fabric modules that provide parallel fabric channels to each I/O and supervisor module slot. Cisco Nexus 7010 Bundle -

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Cisco Nexus 7000 Series 10-Slot Chassis Cisco Nexus 7000… This document is Cisco Public Information. Page 1 of 5 Cisco Nexus 7000 Series 10- Slot Chassis ProductThe Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches comprise a modular data centerclass product lineDesigned for reliability and maximum availability, all interface and supervisor modules are... "Cisco N7K-C7010 Nexus 7000 Series 10 Slot Chassis |… CISCO N7K-C7010 Fast ShippingTracking NumberLifetime Warranty Product Details: Manufacturer: CISCO Item: N7K-C7010 Condition: Refurbished Description: NEXUS 7000 SERIES 10 SLOT CHASSIS, includes cable management and Fans, does not include Power Supplies Company... Cheap Cisco Nexus 7010, find Cisco Nexus 7010 deals on line… Product Description: Cisco air filterProduct Type: Air filterDesigned For: Nexus 7010GeneralProduct Type: Air filterCompatibility InformationDesigned For: Cisco Nexus 7010.Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Supervisor 2 Module - Control processor - plug-in module - for Nexus 7000, 7009, 7010 Cisco...

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The next difference between a Cisco Nexus 7010 and a Nexus 7018 Switch is the slot capacity and performance. The Nexus 7010 Series Switch is a modular 10-slot chassis with slots 5 and 6 are reserved for Supervisor Engines (SUP 1) and can accommodate up to eight line cards. Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch | Networking N7K-C7010-BUN-RF ... Buy a Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch Chassis. Unit LE8550. Get it online at a great price with quick delivery. Shop top Networking at PCNation. Contact us to connect with an expert.

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